Grassroots Activism and Online Tools
This survey is for the Open Source Bridge conference session on "Grassroots Activism is Hard.  Can Open Source Help?" There's a handful of questions here; feel free to answer any or all.  It takes most people about 5-10 minutes to respond.

You can find out more about the conference session - and about me - at
What group are you describing?

If you'd rather not use the group's name, a short description is fine!
Roughly how many people are in the group?

What are some of the group's biggest successes so far?

What things does your group do particularly well online?  What can other groups learn from you?

What kinds of activities does your group do online?

How does the group communicate with members?

Online discussions on issues related to race, gender, class, disability, and the intersections between them often grow heated. Are there some techniques that help your group deal with these challenges?  What advice would you give to other groups?

For example, moderation rules, training, workshop, facilitated discussions, putting certain topics off-limits ... or anything else!
What techniques do you use to make your group more inclusive or increase diversity?

For example, a code of conduct, a diversity statement, review communications to avoid microaggressions,hold meetings in wheelchair-accessible spaces, ...
Do you do accessibility testing to make sure your online information is available to people with disabilities?

Overall, how do today's online tools help you, and where do they get in the way?  Where are there opportunities to do better?

What projects do you look to as leaders in how they communicate online?  What techniques have worked well for them?

What else do you want to share about your group and its online activities?

Thank you for your feedback!  You can see the summary of results so far on the Open Source Bridge wiki at  I'll be updating that with additional feedback, and including a link to the presentation for the session.

If you've got any questions, you can get in touch with me at @jdp23 on Twitter.

And if you know other grassroots organizers who would be interested in sharing their perspectivs, please share the link with them!